When Katie Couric wanted to make the jump to daytime entertainment programming Hotopp Associates envisioned a warm and inviting environment.

Hotopp designed the studio to be smart and stylish. The bright and colorful palette is meant to feel vibrant and uplifting while also using dynamic lighting effects to maximize versatility. To highlight the design's gracefully sweeping scenic lines the Hotopp design team paid special attention to materials, lighting, and props selection.

By sinking the audience and putting cameras at the back of the space we were able to remove the traditional on-stage camera position and connect Katie to the audience. A traveling conversation platform enabled conversations “down stage center” but could also be removed for an open plan look that allowed for larger acts. Other flexible elements to enable the variety of production needs included a rotating cylinder with a multi-position monitor and a dynamic layered backdrop that combined traditional scenery, translucent texture materials, and a high res digital backdrop.  Tile and glass are used throughout the design as decorative accents that provide pops of color on the neutral palate.